Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mustang vs. Phenom 100 Comparison

Here is the definitive Cessna Citation Mustang vs. Embraer Phenom 100 Comparison. There's probably way too much detail. Want a one minute answer? From the first page:

The Mustang is right for you if:

  • It will be owner-flown, often single pilot, with part-time, short distance revenue rides.
  • You are stepping up from something smaller.
  • Passengers are typically 3 F’s: family, friends, and free-loaders.
  • Cabin comfort and convenience is not that important. You are willing to spend $3M on a jet yet would be ok with using a bag in a bucket as an emergency lav and having only half the passenger seats able to recline.
  • Minimal operating expense is important.
  • You need the comfort of an established, reputable service organization.

The P100 is the right for you if:

  • It will be mostly professionally flown, with maybe an occasional owner/operator.
  • You are stepping down from something bigger.
  • You will get paid to carry people.
  • Your wife won’t let you buy a jet unless she’s happy – cabin comfort, color/style, and variety of options are very important. You must have a fully enclosed lav even if it is dry chemical.
  • 5-10% higher acquisition and operating cost won’t break your budget.
  • You rarely use runways less than 4,000’ long.
  • You are confident and willing to bet that Embraer will figure out how to service these planes including AOG issues. Once the factory maintenance is in place, you need a high dispatch rate, say greater than 1000 hrs per year.

Now read the gory details.

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