Friday, November 13, 2009

Citation Mustang Wiki now open

Announcing Citation Mustang Wiki!

Over the last several months, both in preparation and taking delivery of my Mustang, I've learned a tremendous amount. My mentor pilot, Neil Singer, and I have diligently kept notes, but did not have a central location to share. So the natural Web 2.0 thing to do is create a wiki.

We've been testing various wikis and soliciting advice and decided to go with PBwiki. It does not allow true anonymous editing unfortunately but registering with PBwiki is painless and more importantly spam-less.

So we're now turning this over to the light jet community to contribute and enhance. We have no commercial objectives and are paying for the site out of our pockets because we feel that it would be beneficial for the community and us in terms of better safety and operations of these new light jets.

I hope you'll participate!

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