Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mustang Meets Phenom

I went to LWM yesterday to meet with Ron Gruner to discuss the Mustang Wiki and possible collaboration. Ron runs JetBrief, the current Phenom community site. There's a lot of potential information to share as there is more in common between a Mustang and a Phenom in terms of avionics, engines and procedures, than say between a Mustang and a Citation I. We'll see what comes of the discussions.

In the meantime, it was a spectacular fall day in New England, so we couldn't miss a chance at a photo op with the two planes next to each other. The Mustang is a little closer to the camera which is why it looks a little bigger.

Thanks to Mark Scott of Falcon Air for the picture and hospitality.

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Millz said...

Lovely shot! I enjoying living vicariously through your blog! I have a whopping 1 hour of turbine time (Eclipse 500) and it was too much fun!