Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CJ3, CJ4, Phenom 300 Comparison

Today, the Phenom 300 achieved FAA Certification. By the numbers alone, it looks like a strong competitor to the Cessna Citation CJ3 and the new CJ4.

The irony is that a Mustang pilot may have an easier time upgrading to Phenom 300 than the rest of the CJ line because both use the Garmin G1000. The CJ3 and CJ4 use Collins avionics.

Besides the specifications, the P300 also has a nicer cabin including lower pressurization.

See the CJ3, CJ4 and Phenom 300 Comparison.

Now I have to find a way to fly both!


Ron Gruner said...

That's a very interesting point re. Mustang pilots having an easier time upgrading to the Phenoms due to their Garmin 1000 compatability. Does the Williams engine on the CJ4 really have a 5,000 hour TBO?

Could you add the normalized 2010 prices for the aircraft? Also, it would be interesting to include the Mustang, Phenom 100 and CJ1+ in your analysis. I'd be happy to research the numbers.

Donovan said...

I think those people down in Brazil may give Cessna a run for their money. The phenom, looks to be a phenomenal jet, even better than the CJ3-4. Ain't competition a bitch.