Friday, December 18, 2009

SR22 for Sale

My trusty Cirrus SR22, N97RJ, s/n 1151 is now for sale. Since I took delivery of the Mustang in October, I haven't flown the Cirrus at all. I thought I would keep the SR22 as it's much more economical for short flights, but I haven't used it. In fact, I'm paying someone to fly it regularly so it doesn't rust out.

It's a shame to leave such a nice plane unused in the hangar so I've decided to sell it.


2004 Fully loaded Cirrus SR22 G2. White with blue and yellow/gold strip. Based as KBED, Bedford, MA. 1217 hrs total time on its Platinum engine. The plane has Avidyne glass cockpit and dual Garmin 430s with datalink weather, traffic, S-Tec 55X autopilot, TKS anti-ice, C-Max electronic approach plates, TAWS, E-Max MFD engine monitor, a Reiff heater, and sun shields for parking. No air conditioning, which gives you a basic empty weight of 2316 (gross is 3400). Plane was factory painted in December 2008, so exterior is near perfect. Interior is very good. Jim Barker has balanced the prop twice. The plane was run lean of peak for all cross country flights (and I have the EMax logs to prove it). This is a beautiful, trouble free plane.

The plane will be delivered with a fresh annual by some of the best Cirrus mechanics in the Northeast. Email me at davidwihl at gmail if you're interested.

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tara said...

wow such a beauty wish i could fly the cirrus :)